1. You didn't Fail the Diet, the Diet Failed you
Many are gimmick driven programs or fad diets renowned for their followers and testimonials, but end up being infamous for their success in the short-term and disappointment in the long-term. The truth is that only you know your  true goals,  wants  and needs.    

You need to find your own answers and take ownership of the best choices for you. My goal with BOK Systems is to provide you with enough information so you can answer these questions and make your own decisions – decisions that make sense for your lifestyle and produce the results you want.

The How and Why
Gimmick driven programs or fad diets …end  up being infamous for their success in the short-term and disappointment in the long-term.

I believe that any sustainable, healthy eating plan must follow three basic rules:

1.  A healthy eating plan must work in the real world.
Eating in, out, or on the run; eating alone, with friends, or at parties; eating freshly prepared meals or commercially prepared foods.

2.  A sustainable eating plan must offer a variety of choices.
Nobody is going to stick with a gimmick—all protein, no carbs, costly supplements—for very long.

3.  Your eating plan must make sense to you.
You need to understand the “what, why, and how”—what the results will be, why your plan will produce your desired results, and how you will choose foods that modify your eating habits to maintain a healthy weight. 

The key is to properly match the best quantity and quality of protein, carbohydrate, and fat, then eat them at the best times throughout the day. 

These principles are designed to help you reach your goals and keep them  by eating in an enjoyable, satisfying, and healthy way. And you’ll never feel that you are sacrificing food because you will never feel hungry. Why? Because you’ll be eating more often.

Furthermore, the Three Principles of Eating will train your taste buds and stomach to recognize the best foods, the best portion size for each food, and the best fuel to consume at specific times throughout the day.

This section of the book will also teach you about the BOK Six Fuel Groups, a food classification system that allows you to mix and match healthy food choices. While learning what to eat, you will also learn about the different qualities of foods and how to minimize your time in the kitchen and at the grocery store.

We have two specific eating programs that are designed to simplify your eating habits: the first is for fat loss and weight maintenance, the second is an accelerated fat loss program to help you meet your goals at a faster but sensible pace.

Most dieters spend their lifetimes in a battle with food, chasing fad diets without really understanding the relationship between food and weight management.

Remember what you learned earlier in this book: Food provides building blocks for your body, but it fuels the body too. Think of your body as a top performance race car that requires quality parts and needs a specific blend of fuels to run fast and efficiently for along time.

In the end, permanent weight loss is all about endurance—endurance in the human race for longevity and good health. But, before we explore theThree Principles of Eating and the Six Fuel Groups, it is very important that you have a good, basic understanding of how food fuels  the body.

With a solid knowledge about food, you will be able to make smarter decisions and stick with a lifelong healthy eating program.


Snacks and foods you will really love.

Delicious, healthy and selected specifically to accelerate your progress with the right ratios of carbohydrates and protein for MORE ENERGY and effective WEIGHT MANAGEMENT

It was easy to get started... and while the notifications from the app took some getting used to - it was worth it...  Deron and Kate

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